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US Election Prediction 2016

US Election Prediction 2016

Here is the US Election Prediction 2016. Everybody wanna know that who will win US Election Prediction 2016. In each of the 50 states, as well as the District of the Columbia, has a determined amount of electoral college votes to award a candidate, based on the number of members of the Congress it has.

This system expresses as the non-electoral vote is less important than the electoral college vote. If Clinton’s campaign is float by big Democratic states such as New York, New Jersey, Illinois & California, these crowded states could lead her to victory with their huge number of electoral college votes.

For example, in 2008, Barack Obama won 53% of the vote – but this led to 68% of the electoral college vote. Such extremely populated states played a large role when they backed the current president.


States like Arizona, Florida, North Carolina, Ohio & Virginia have the power to change the election result. So far, neither Donald Trump nor Clinton has a significant lead in these crucial states.

US election polls

Hillary Clinton and Donald trump both suffer from unpopularity both within their own parties & among the public at large.

Some prominent Republicans figures have refused to endorse Trump, while YouGov polling has reveals that just over half of Bernie Sanders’ supporters would back Clinton.

Recent New York Times & CBS News polling has shown that both candidates’ popularity is restricted by the public’s lack of trust with both candidates.

Just 33% of Americas thinks that Clinton is honest & trustworthy as compared to 35% thinking the same of Trump. 57% of people say they do not share Clinton’s values, while the number is similarly much high for Trump, at 62%. Many people asked a question that Is Hillary Clinton will win the election.

US Election Prediction 2016


What are the odds on the American presidential election?

It has long been said of predicting sporting outcomes that who will win Who will win the US presidency or who will win US President election 2016 and the bookies do not get it far wrong, working out possibility with complicated mathematics based on the choices of their thousands of paying punters.

After last year’s wonder General Election result, many political supporters have lost faith in pollsters & prefer to look at the odds to predict the future.

Hillary Clinton has been odds-on favourite since the end of April, but Trump has steadily caught her up as his Republican rivals dropped out.

Latest odds latest odds for the next US president

According to Latest odds latest odds for the next US president are:

  • Hillary Clinton: 4/11
  • Donald Trump: 2/1

US election 2016 date

US Presidential Election 2016 Date is November 8.

US Presidential Election 2016 Day is Tuesday.

So who will win US Election 2016


According to stats that who will win US presidential election 2016 is that shown below in which US Elections 2016 winning chances according to states.

who will win US Election 2016

According to us: who will win US Election 2016 is one and only Hillary Clinton

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