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Indian Railway : Indian Railways to Use Tablets for Feedback

Indian Railway : Indian Railways to Use Tablets for Feedback

Indian Railway Use Tablets For Taking Feedback From Passengers

To assure that quality of food on trains is top notch, Indian Railway has now decided to announce on the spot feedback system where passengers will be selected randomly and asked to give response on a tablet. The idea is this system will ensure a tamper proof feedback system.The service to get online feedback will be initially started in premium trains like Rajdhani, Shatabdi and Duronto Express. The on-board service supervisors on 100 trains will be provided with tabs and they can approach any passengers requesting them to give feedback on meals provided in trains.

Indian Railway

The Trials Started on  Ahmedabad-Delhi Rajdhani Express “

The trials started on Ahmedabad-Delhi Rajdhani Express on September 14 and will soon be expanded to other premium trains. At Present, feedback on services provided in trains including catering is taken through paper form, suggestion book and feedback number 139Through online feedback system, the passenger will get to register their suggestions precisely and these will be circulated to senior officials in the catering division. This also rules out chances of any manipulation of the response which can be done in written format, said a senior railway board official.

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Quality of food continues to remain an area of concern with railways receiving hundreds of complaints from passengers about unhygienic, poor quality food served on trains. A Comptroller and Auditor General audit report in July had observed that food served in trains are improper for human consumption and packaged food items surpassing their shelf life were served to passengers.

Indian Railway

The passenger will be asked to fill a format rating quality of food on scale of 1-5 and areas which get less than 3, passenger will be asked to share specific details.According to railways, this will help in improving the quality of food and understanding areas that need urgent attention.Railway early this year came out with new catering policy focusing on good catering services by creating a distinction between food preparation and food distribution. Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation Limited (IRCTC) has been given the charge of food preparation in mechanized kitchens to ensure quality.

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